Lighting Control

With both energy costs and demand on the rise, it is imperative to invest in smarter and more efficient installations. In answer to this need Lighting Innovations Africa has partnered with global players in the field of lighting control to bring state of the art solutions to the African market.

We offer solutions in the following fields:

  • Standalone sensor control
  • Basic DALI control for smaller installations
  • Advanced Light management solutions
  • POE (Power Over Ethernet) light management
  • Intelligent sensor nodes with mesh connectivity
  • Power metering solutions
  • Building management solutions

Our products come from the following basket of brands:

To support our brands we offer the following services:

  • System design and cost based estimates
  • Audit and design services for retrofit projects
  • On-site commissioning and project management
  • Detailed system design and drawings
  • System maintenance and repairs
  • Customized system development