Engaging senses

Shopping for groceries is much about engaging senses. Lighting is a truly important tool when highlighting products and portraying the groceries in a favourable way. Well-planned lighting guides the customer, saves energy, is welcoming and enhances the shopping experience as well as being a tool for brand building.

It doesn’t matter if it is a supermarket, a small cafe, a hypermarket chain or the convenience store around the corner. The groceries in a store should feel appealing, tasteful and fresh! 

The passion for efficient lighting

Our long-term lighting knowledge is based on how to illuminating food in a delicate and energy efficient way, by collaborating  and supplying lighting to an extensive range of food retailers within different segments, regions and targets.

We use light as a tool to create successful stores and  constantly focus on finding the exactly right lighting recipe that saves money as well as enhance both atmosphere and brand.

One of the main demands of a food store are energy efficiency since there is often large areas which are illuminated and the store has long opening hours. But there is also a need to enhance the characteristics of the food and create a pleasant atmosphere in which customers feel comfortable.

Constantly changing retail

In a changing retail world is important to see what’s is around the corner. We strongly believe that the combination of new technology, well-planned lighting design, light controls and knowledge of in-store branding can save energy, enhance the shopping experience, guide the customer and increase sales.

Lighting is important for branding

We are of the opinion that the lighting is an equally important part of in-store branding as, for example, the interior and the displays. Why not mix colour temperatures, tune the white light after the displayed items and mix the expressions after desired atmosphere.

One stop lighting partner

We offer a complete assortment of efficient LED-luminaires with different mounting methods. When the standard assortment is not enough you can choose unique solutions with on demand design, Fagerhult O.D.D, where we custom make solutions, tailor made after your demands and concepts.